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Preventative Pet Care

Woman with her pet dog in Bozeman

Preventative Pet Care with our Bozeman Veterinarian

Here at the Montana Veterinary Hospital & Boarding, we are proud to offer preventative pet care and wellness exams. These services enable you to protect your pets from preventable diseases. In addition, with wellness checks, we are able to detect chronic diseases early on, which offer the best potential for treatment. Find out more about what to expect with preventative pet care in Bozeman. 

What is Pet Wellness

Pet wellness encompasses several different areas. The most common type of pet wellness we tend to think of is pet vaccinations. A regular pet vaccine schedule helps to protect both pets and pet owners from diseases including heartworm and rabies. At our Bozeman animal hospital, we include pet vaccines as part of our regular wellness exams for pets. We also recommend pet dental checks during these annual pet health checks. Getting your pet’s teeth cleaned and examined is an important part of their overall health and wellness.

Importance of Wellness Exams for Pets

Here at our clinic, we recommend getting wellness exams for pets at least once a year. This gives us the chance to examine and record your pet’s health. We can look for changes, such as in weight, eating habits, or energy levels, to determine if your pet may be suffering from other underlying health conditions. This enables our veterinarian in Bozeman to conduct additional screening, such as for heart conditions, diabetes, or chronic pain. From there we have the information needed to start treatment for conditions that if left unchecked could become devastating and excessively costly. 

Preventative Pet Care in Bozeman

As part of our preventative pet care in Bozeman, we include flea and tick prevention. This is recommended for pets based on their activity levels and environment, and we offer only the best-rated flea and tick preventative treatments. We also perform spay and neuter pet surgeries as part of our preventative wellness services. By getting your pet fixed you can improve their health and increase their lifespan. Thanks to spay and neuter services, we can eliminate reproductive cancers and personality issues related to going into heat. 

Benefits of a Veterinarian Bozeman

Having a regular veterinarian can help guide you through your pet's entire life. This enables your pet to become comfortable with going to visit the vet. When in an emergency situation, the comfort of knowing your pet's vet can be a welcomed relief for both you and your furry family member.

Ready to make Montana Veterinary Hospital & Boarding your go-to veterinarian provider? Contact our Bozeman vet Dr. Dennis Moylan at (406) 586-2019 to schedule a pet wellness exam today and begin developing a lifelong relationship for your pet.


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