When you first became a pet parent, you probably didn’t envisage a time when you would be apart. Nevertheless, it is normal to have times during your life where you find yourself temporarily unable to care for your pet. This could be a business trip or family vacation, a short stay in hospital or a few weeks where you are having work done on your home and it is safer for your pet to stay somewhere else at that time. Whatever the reason, you will probably feel some pressure as you try and decide where your pet should go whilst you are unable to care for them. One of the most obvious and practical solutions is to place your adored animal into a pet boarding facility.


What’s a Pet Boarding Facility?


A pet boarding facility is exactly what its name suggests – a purpose-designed space to accommodate animals on a temporary basis. Your furbaby will eat, sleep, play and relax there whilst you are unable to care for them. However, your pet won’t be the only one that’s there. Depending on the size of the facility you choose, there could be a number of other animals also boarding at the same time.


Professional pet boarding facilities tend to be licensed by their state and staffed by trained and experienced professionals. They are also run as a business, although this doesn’t necessarily detract from the love, care, and attention that your pet will receive whilst staying there.


Understandably, many owners, particularly those who haven’t left their pets before, have some reservations about using a boarding facility. However, there are many benefits to leaving your pet in the hands of a professional establishment. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages of choosing pet boarding.


Trained and Experienced Staff


Easily one of the biggest advantages of choosing a boarding facility is knowing that you are leaving your pet with trained and experienced staff. Any reputable establishment will thoroughly check their staff before they employ them, and these people will be used to handling creatures big and small and of all temperaments. Most are also dedicated and passionate about animal welfare. Some even have a veterinarian on-site or affiliated with them so that if a medical emergency arises, your pet can get the care needed right away.


A Safe, Comfortable and Private Space


Any good boarding facility has private accommodation for the animals that stay there. Your pet will eat, drink, sleep and relax in the comfort of a safe, private space, which helps to reduce their anxiety. Some facilities offer the opportunity to animals to socialize, such as when out getting exercise. However, you can usually opt to keep your pet entirely separate if you so wish.


Administration of Medication


Does your pet need medicine? Many animals need to be given prescription drugs daily to keep them healthy but as you might imagine, administering them isn’t always easy, even for someone who has had plenty of practice. When you choose a professional boarding establishment, you can rest assured knowing that staff there have the ability to safely and accurately give your pet the medicine they need whilst you are apart.


A Healthy Environment


Some people are worried about using boarding facilities because of the health risks posed by many animals living in close quarters. However, any reputable establishment will have a strict set of entry requirements that must be adhered to before a pet is allowed to stay, and this almost certainly includes proof that your pet is up to date with all vital vaccinations as this helps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all pets staying there.



If you are considering placing your pet into boarding and would like more information about what the process entails, what your pet can expect or anything else related to this service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert veterinary team in Bozeman, MT today.