There may be times when your pet suffers from a health problem that can only be resolved by performing surgery. Other surgical procedures are needed if your pet is to be as healthy as he can possibly be. Nevertheless, our veterinary surgeons understand just how frightening this prospect can be, both for you and your pet and we will do everything that we can to reassure you and make the process as simple, straightforward and unconcerned as possible.

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of different surgical procedures performed by our skilled and experienced veterinarians here at our veterinary hospital in Bozeman, MT.

Specialized Knee Surgery for Pets

Knee joint problems don’t only affect humans. Our cats and dogs can also experience issues with this joint. Sometimes these are caused by a trauma or injury, such as a fall or sudden twisting motion. In other cases, they can be caused by repetitive wear and strain on the joint. Whatever the cause, knee damage can be extremely painful for your pet.

Some of the most common causes of knee pain and knee mobility problems include osteoarthritis, cruciate disease, and cruciate ligament damage. These are also some of the most common reasons why cats and dogs undergo knee surgery performed by an experienced veterinarian. Exactly which surgery your pet will need will depend on the cause of their discomfort, but cruciate ligament repairs and total knee replacements are possible options. Our veterinary team will be happy to make a recommendation based on the needs of your pet after a consultation.

Spay & Neuter

Spay/neuter surgery should be a priority for any responsible pet owner. These fairly simple surgeries are used to remove the reproductive capability of your pet. There are countless animals living in shelters and other temporary accommodation across the country, with many more being euthanized each year because there aren’t the resources to care for them. Spaying/neutering your pet is a morally conscious decision that will positively impact the overpopulation crisis.

In females, this process is most often referred to as spaying and involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus. Spaying your female before her first heat cycle means that she will only have 1/7th of the risk of developing mammary cancer. Spaying also eliminates the risk of your pet developing cancers of the ovaries and uterus, which are often life-threatening and require expensive surgery and treatment.

Neutering most often refers to males, who have their testes removed. Since these are generally located on the outside of the body, the procedure is less invasive than spaying in females. It also has benefits for your male pet’s health and can help to curb undesirable behaviors related to sexual maturity. Our veterinary team will be happy to explain what you can expect from spaying/neutering surgery, including more information about its importance.

Mass Removal

Not all lumps and bumps on animals are scary, but if you notice an unusual mass on your pet, it is important to get it checked out sooner rather than later. This is because some types of mass require urgent care, such as an abscess or boil. Other types may grow or change, and these will almost certainly require removal. Our experienced veterinary surgical team have the experience and training needed to be able to make an accurate diagnosis as to the type of mass that is affecting your pet, and if necessary, will arrange safe and effective removal in our surgical suite. If follow-up treatment is required, we will be able to advise you what is needed and how it will benefit your precious pet.

Emergency Surgery

Emergencies tend to arise when we least expect them. Sometimes, emergency situations require immediate veterinary care, and in some situations, surgery is required to help your pet recover. Examples of emergencies where surgery may be needed include if your pet:

- is hit by a car

- has swallowed a foreign object

- has a serious infection, such as pyometra which is a uterine infection that can be deadly if not treated

- has bloat, another very serious condition where a dog’s stomach becomes filled with gas and fluid and come become twisted

- needs a cesarean to deliver her babies

- is attacked by another animal and suffers a serious injury such as a broken bone or internal bleeding

We understand that the need for emergency surgery can be extremely frightening for both you and your pet. Our reassuring and experienced surgical team are on hand to give your pet the urgent care that he needs and will do everything that we can to keep your pet as comfortable as possible at every stage of his treatment.

If you would like more information about any of the surgeries that we can perform at our veterinary hospital in Bozeman, MT, please get in touch with our friendly, professional team.