For Dogs and Cats and Exotics in Bozeman, MT

When traveling, or just for a day, you can relax knowing your pet is happy, safe, and well cared for. We know that pets are part of your family and we make them part of ours when boarding here at Montana Veterinary Hospital. We are a full-service boarding facility for day-boarding and overnight stays with numerous indoor and outdoor kennels for dogs of all sizes and a separate cat ward. Our professional trained staff loves animals and strives to provide a healthy, clean, and stress-free environment for all of your pets, including cats, dogs, and exotics.

Prior to entry, we ensure all boarded animals are healthy and are current on their vaccines; dogs are required to have up to date Rabies, annual Distemper (DHPP or DHLPP), and Bordetella vaccines and cats are required to have up to date Rabies and annual Distemper (FVRCP) vaccines. We can perform all necessary vaccinations on the day your pet arrives to stay at our facility. While boarding, our staff will monitor your pet's health daily and Dr. Moylan will give a courtesy exam should any concerns take place during your pet stay.

We reserve the right to deny boarding to any animal that we deem unsafe or unmanageable. We do not accept Pitbulls, Akitas, Rottweilers, American Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Belgian Malinois, Olde English Bulldogs or Chow dogs for boarding. Any dog that is mixed with these breeds is required to complete a day board the week prior to their scheduled boarding to be evaluated by our veterinarian and kennel technicians.


Hours for Boarding Drop off and Pick-up are as follows

Monday thru Friday: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Saturday, Sunday, and observed Holidays: 8:00am – 8:30am and 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Large outdoor fenced-in areas for dogs with the ability to play along the fence-line with neighboring dogs – we feature individualized stays, with no co-mingling between families unless stipulated by both households as we find it unsafe to run dogs together that are not familiar with each other.

  • 10% Discount for Long Term Boarding accrued on the 10th day of boarding until the end of the stay.

  • 10% Discount for general grooming of bathing and brushing offered for boarding pets.

  • Provided iVet and Select Hills Science Diet foods at no charge – please bring your pet's regular food if they don't do well-changing foods.

  • Outdoor kennels for enrichment time during nice weather.

  • Several different sized indoor kennels on concrete floors with radiant heat ranging in size between three different rooms allowing for separation of anxious dogs, if needed.

  • Separate cat area with individual kennels – our cats regularly spend free time, outside of their kennel, exploring an exam room with windows and being pet and brushed.

  • Exotic pets are housed in our doctor's office away from other animals.


Approximate Kennel Size

Covered Kennels 4' x 4'

Large Kennel 7' x 4'

Extra-Large Family Kennel 10' x 4'

Outdoor Kennels (Daytime during nice weather ONLY) 6' x 4'


We offer general grooming of bathing and brushing charged depending on your dog's size and coat. In addition to this, we have farm clip shaving available for cats and dogs charged depending on size. Nail trims, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning are also available. Please call for pricing.

Rates (please call for our most accurate pricing):

  • Overnight boarding is charged per night per dog including the day of drop-off, regardless of time. A full-day charge is added on for any pets being picked up after 12:00pm.


Please fill out the form below with any questions you may have or to request a boarding drop off/pick up date!