As the seasons change, so do the considerations pet owners must keep in mind when boarding their furry friends. However, you must consider the seasonal factors that can impact your pet's safety and comfort during its stay.


Summer Considerations


Summer is a popular traveling season. But, for your pet, it can be a challenging time. High temperatures and humidity can pose a risk to older or unhealthy pets. When choosing a boarding facility for your pet, make sure they prioritize air conditioning and proper ventilation to ensure your pet stays cool and comfortable. 

Also, consider a facility with access to outdoor play areas in the morning or evening. During these periods, temperatures are generally cooler. Additionally, ensure the facility offers your pet access to plenty of fresh, clean water at all times. Dehydration can quickly become a serious pet concern in the summer months, so choose a facility that is vigilant about providing water and monitoring hydration levels.


Winter Considerations


Winter brings unique challenges to pet boarding. Providing proper care for your furry companion can be challenging in winter conditions. When considering a boarding facility, ensure they have proper heating to keep your pet warm and comfortable. Also, choose a facility with a plan to keep your animal companion safe during winter storms or other extreme weather conditions.

Did you know cold weather can impact your pet's paws and skin? Salt and other deicing chemicals used on sidewalks and roads can harm your pet's paws, and cold temperatures can cause dry, itchy skin. Ensure your chosen facility has a protocol for protecting your pet's skin and paws from the elements.


Spring and Fall Considerations


Spring and fall are transitional seasons. This means they bring a wide range of weather conditions. They can bring warm and sunny or cool and rainy conditions. When considering a boarding facility during these seasons, ensure they have adequate shelter and protection from the elements. These include:

  • Indoor play areas

  • Covered outdoor areas

  • Plenty of bedding to keep your pet warm and dry

More importantly, spring and fall are allergy seasons for many pets. If your pet suffers from seasonal allergies, inform the boarding facility beforehand. It allows them to take appropriate measures to minimize your pet's exposure to allergens.


General Considerations


No matter the season, there are several general considerations to remember when choosing a boarding facility for your pet.

  • Hygiene - This includes regular cleaning and disinfecting of all areas. It should also have proper ventilation to help prevent germs and illnesses from spreading

  • Trained Staff - Besides physical safety, a facility with trained and experienced staff members is essential. They should be able to handle any emergencies or health concerns that may arise during your furry friend's stay. Also, a facility offering plenty of exercise and play opportunities is a big plus. Your pet will appreciate socializing with other pets




When it comes to pet boarding, seasonal considerations are key. They ensure your pet has a safe and comfortable stay. By keeping these considerations in mind and choosing a reputable boarding facility, you can rest assured that your pet is well cared for while you are away.

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